Antoni Tàpies


10 FEBRUARY– 31 MARCH 2023

Antoni Tàpies





Galleria Gracis will host the exhibit “Sign | Memory | Matter” dedicated to Antoni Tàpies, in order to celebrate the centenary of the Catalan painter’s birth (Barcelona 1923 – Barcelona 2012).

Tàpies, one of the lead exponents of the European informal art, is internationally renowned as the main protagonist of the Spanish second post-war period.
His work has always led a search through paintings following the concept of matter, sign and memory as the exhibit will show the audience in a thorough way.

A way of creating images through different materials, symbols and moments in which Tàpies took a political stand, portraying the strong contrast to the Franco regime and his own participation to the great period of the avant-garde art during his entire career.

Tàpies’ symbolism is filled with moments enriched with social activism and existential depth which have characterized Tàpies’ artistic path – through the many expositions in the most renowned museums – and led him to win the Golden Lion for painting at the 45th Biennale Internazionale d’Arte in 1993.

Antoni Tàpies comes back to Milan, a city which energetically celebrated him in 1985 with an important anthological exhibit in Palazzo Reale, together with showings at the Galleria Bergamini, Galleria del Naviglio, Studio Marconi and the Galleria Seno making his time in Milan, one of the biggest institutional celebrations of that age.

Luca Massimo Barbero is the curator of the exhibition. A renowned art historian and one of the most influential experts of the art world during the second after-war period, Professor Barbero is Director of the Art History Institute of the Giorgio Cini’s Foundation.

Antoni Tàpies, Sign | Memory | Matter shows a selection of 23 paintings portraying the author’s creative development from 1959 to 2006. The exhibit is made possible with the support of the Hillary Recordati Merkus Foundation and of BEL Real Estate Group, staying open to public from the 10th of February till the 31st of March 2023.

Marsilio Arte edited a catalogue which will be published for the exhibition, containing a text from the curator, texts from the anthology of 1985 in Milan, some scripts from the artist and rare manuscripts that haven’t been published for a long time.


Opening: February 10, 6PM – 8 PM


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